Anytime Fitness announces Lose It Big winner

Published 9:10 am Thursday, December 17, 2009

Anytime Fitness has concluded the Lose It Big Competition this season and would like to report to sponsors and the community the overall top weight loser.

The Lose it Big winner is Reid Olson from Pounds Off who lost 17.39 percent of his body weight over the three-month challenge. It wasn’t an effortless thing for him; he spent many hours on the elliptical, morning and evening. His efforts paid off, earning him more than $400 in cash and another estimated $350 in prizes, along with a much smaller waistline.

Contestants were able to earn bonus pounds by doing challenges. With the challenges, Olson had earned an additional 5 lbs which would have put him at nearly 20 percent, but Reid wanted to win without using those bonus pounds.

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Jon Forman from the Alamco A-Laminators was his closest competitor who caused Olson to worry just a little. Forman lost 16.06 percent of himself in the challenge. He plans to continue his pursuit of a smaller waistline but at a slower pace.

The Lose it Big team winner was Alamco’s Catch Us If You Can team with team members Faye Madson, Dick Madson, Vaugn Ravlin, Brenda Ravlin and Matthew Charlton losing 117 pounds for a winning percentage of 8 percent. Each of these contestants won a $50 cash prize along with other prizes.

The following are some other stats the community will be interested in. Jim Guffey from St. Johns Hero’s, who was our oldest contestant, made a very strong showing losing a total of 11.09 percent. He also tied Olson in one of the individual challenges doing a wall sit for 2 minutes and 8 seconds. Guffey might have come in numerically as the oldest contestant, but he came across as serious competition for some of the younger contestants.

The women held their own in this competition. Faye Madson of the Alamco Catch Us If You Can said, “I knew I couldn’t beat the men so all I wanted to do is beat Shelley.” Madson had the highest percentage of weight loss for women losing12.34 percent. Shelley Gulbrandson of Losers Are Us lost 12.13 percent of her weight, barely allowing Madson to have first place for the women.

There was a total of 501 pounds lost during this competition this year.

Look for next year’s competition to start in September.

Anytime Fitness will start looking for teams, contestants and sponsors in early August.