Editorial: Like we said, keep the sworn officers

Published 7:30 am Friday, December 18, 2009

At this point in the debate over police officers and the Albert Lea city budget, we want to reiterate this point:

We oppose cutting trained police officers. We feel the city has made major progress on issues of crime and safety, and losing officers — even one — would be sliding backward. We would rather see community-service officers cut first. We never want to lose sworn officers.

The Tribune Editorial Board places a high value on quality of life — which is why we bring it up so much — because we believe quality of life indeed is why residents choose to live in Albert Lea. A critical part of that quality is maintaining a well-staffed and well-trained police force.

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We also would like to remind everyone watching the city leaders and police officers debate this issue that the reason our fair community is in the situation is because of cuts the state made in aid to communities. It’s the state leaders who have placed us in this situation of possibly cutting cops.

Think about that issue when you cast your vote in the November 2010 election. Let’s keep Greater Minnesota a great part of Minnesota.