Is the border with Mexico secure?

Published 7:36 am Friday, December 4, 2009

Mexican trucks. Mexican drug smugglers. Mexican border.

As a result of NAFTA and SPP agreements with Mexico, we now are being overrun with 9,500 selected Mexican truck companies and their trucks entering The United States.

This agreement called the Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism allows nearly 700 trucks per day to pass through a “fast lane” at the World Trade Bridge in Laredo.

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These “selected” trucks pause at the Mexican/U.S. border for just 20 seconds before entering the United States.   Nine out of 10 of the trucks do so without anyone looking at their cargo. Even with this fraction of inspection/search, authorities have intercepted and seized nearly 13 TONS of marijuana within a three-week period.

More than half of all U.S. imports now come from the selected companies in the C-TPAT program. Mexican trucking companies make only 6 percent of the global membership in the system, but they account for 50 percent of the 71 violations during the past two years.

It seems that our government “experts” think that this customs program works. Homeland Security seems to be content with the concept of “express-lane entry.” I have to continually ask myself: “What are these idiots thinking?” If drug smugglers can continue to ship TONS of drugs into the U.S.— daily — on these supposedly “selected trucks and trusted truck companies,” what is to stop terrorists from smuggling a WMD — piece by piece — into America? 

Our border authorities have technology to scan these trucks, but lets be real here. A 20-second scanning, a physical inspection of only 1 percent and 700 trucks per day is not my idea of homeland security. Does anyone else see the comparison here? The government is not securing our southern border, nor does it want to. Illegal immigration falls into the same government concepts. Illegal immigration is every bit as dangerous as the “fast lane” importing that now is forced upon us. 

Our elected federal government is betraying our nation and ripping our Constitution to shreds. It does not matter how loud the American people shout in protest or stand united. The people sitting in Washington defy the voice of reason. Right now, we have the most radical, the most dangerous political government in Washington, D.C., that our nation has ever known.  

The American people are awakening as to what truly lurks in the halls of power. Are we Americans doing enough to defend this nation? And what more can we do?

Robert L. King