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Published 7:46 am Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Two Minnesota Vikings’ players and owner Zygi Wilf visited the Austin area Wednesday, Nov. 25. There visit was amply covered by Albert Lea Tribune, Austin Daily Herald and Minneapolis-St. Paul papers.

I’m sure Mr. Wilf and company are planning to visit every city/town/hamlet in Minnesota. “Please help me. Vikings need a new stadium.

Getting the citizens fired up. Contact your Legislator now! Vote yes on the new stadium bill during the 2010 legislative session. Providing someone, somehow introduces the legislation?

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Mr. Wilf chastised politicians Tuesday for dodging an issue that “doesn’t serve their political purposes” and said they should not “run away from a project many Minnesotans want to see happen.” What planet is Mr. Wilf on? Mr. Wilf also stated he favored a stadium with a retractable roof. This would add $200 million to the basic cost of $1 billion — $1.2 billion. He can do anything he wants, but not on my dime.

Mr. Wilf (a billionaire) wants (poor) Minnesotans to build and pay for his play pen. He gets all the income, and we get nothing. Since 2002 Metropolitan Sports Commission waived $4 million annual rent through 2011 (lease expires), that’s 36 million. No rent and MSP picks up the expenses. Sweet deal Vikes! What if Mr. Wilf builds the stadium and sells stock. Stockholders and Mr. Wilf will participate in any profits/losses.

After the cheering, pom-pom girls, music, speakers die down. Mr. Wilf will explain, Minnesotans builds the stadium and I get the dough. The upbeat gathering will turn to a cool-cool climate. Mr. Wilf made the statement. Vikings will bring ‘quality of life to the area’. Please explain how the Vikings will enhance “quality of life in our area,” other than what we already have?

In my opinion it will be “political suicide” for any Legislator to vote for a new stadium. Especially if at some future time he or she campaign for re-election.

Mr. Wilf, have you addressed the question relative to seniors (living on fixed income), those unemployed (poor economy) supporting a billionaire owner and million dollar players?

I would hate to lose the Vikings. Also hate to build a play pen for Wilf & Co. on my dime?

Bob Mares

Albert Lea