Thanks for helping out a ‘perfect stranger’

Published 7:51 am Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I wish to thank four kind-hearted men from the Albert Lea area who not only made my recent move possible but also quick and painless.

Last weekend I had planned my move from Albert Lea to Middleton, Wis., to be closer to my three daughters, their spouses and my grandkids. When the helpers I had in place and others I hoped would help did not materialize, I fell into despair. Who could I call on Christmas Day to make other arrangements? I prayed that God would provide the resources I needed.

On Saturday morning, a good friend of mine went to the B&B Café for breakfast and started talking about my predicament. Without hesitation, one gentleman at the counter said he could help and would also enlist his son and maybe others. By 10 o’clock that Saturday morning, a crew of four swift, efficient and pleasant movers had arrived at my address. Because of their hard work and know-how, my U-Haul was loaded in one hour and 20 minutes!

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These “perfect strangers” have restored my belief that basic kindness and generosity are alive and well. The community can be proud having these individuals in their midst — Larry King, Jim Westeng, Mick Westeng and Dave Allard. I was so overwhelmed with gratitude that I don’t think I thanked them properly, so I want to publicly thank them for their willingness to give so freely of their time, ability and muscle power.

LaVonne Wendt

Middleton, Wis.