Preschoolers make special care package for mother overseas

Published 9:07 am Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Glenville-Emmons Preschool worked on a special project in January. Marshall Baseman, a student in the 3-year-old group, has a mother serving in the military overseas. The class decided that it would be a fun and educational project to send a care package to his mom, Miraha.

Mrs. Flatness, the preschool teacher, found out from both Marshall and Matt, Marshall’s dad, what Miraha’s favorite things are. A list was sent home to all the preschool parents. Flatness was pleased by how many parents and students showed their love and support by sending one of Miraha’s favorite items.

One parent from the preschool group purchased a singing card that plays a song about love. It also had the option to record a special message. She recorded Marshall and his little brother, Mitchell, saying, “I love you, Mommy.” Other items in the care package included: Sudoku books, beef jerky, candy, gum, hand wipes, chips and a special card made by all of the preschoolers. All 37 kids were in charge of writing their name on the card.

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During the week they created the care package, the class discussed how important family is. All of the kids agreed that they would miss their moms (or special loved one) if they were that far away. All agreed they need to tell parents and loved ones that they love them more often. Many also mentioned the need to say “thank you” to parents for doing everything they do.

The class hopes that Miraha enjoyed receiving her care package and wishes her a safe return this spring. A special thank you goes out to the Glenville American Legion for volunteering to pay for the shipping cost to send this package.