Certified emergency disaster workers depart for Fargo

Published 9:20 am Monday, March 22, 2010

Two certified emergency disaster workers from the Albert Lea Salvation Army departed for Fargo on Thursday.

Both Fred Christenson and Arturo Lopez will return to the area for the second year in a row. Their primary duties will consist of mass feeding, hydration and spiritual care of the many residents and volunteers in the effected areas.

On standby ready to respond, is Lt. Steve Hansen, assistant pastor; Stanley Scheib, Freeborn County Salvation Army Disaster director; and Gerald Shaffer, certified disaster worker. The three will most likely depart as the first wave of relief workers replacing the already deployed. At this point their duties are yet to be identified.

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The remainder of the Albert Lea disaster team will remain in the area on standby for any services needed in our immediate area. At the current time, crews are preparing for the providing of services to Albert Lea, Austin, Mason City and Winnebago.

In the past years Albert Lea has lead southern Minnesota in relief to areas affected by disasters including Winona/Rushford, Austin, and Cedar Rapids/Palo, Iowa, in 2007, flood assistance to Fargo, Moorhead, Grand Forks and Bismarck, N.D., in 2008 and flooding along with tornado relief in Austin in 2009.

Capt. Jim Brickson, administrator and pastor of the local Salvation Army stated, “We will continue to meet the un-met need in any community that we serve. We will continue to provide services until we are no longer needed.”

The mission statement of The Salvation Army is in part “to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ and meet human needs without discrimination.” The Salvation Army will continue to “Meet the Un-met Need.”

For more information, call The Salvation Army at 373-5710.