Trying Alicia Silverstone’s ‘The Kind Diet’

Published 9:15 am Monday, March 29, 2010

Tofuey to youey. I just could not resist that phrase. It sounded like something silly I wanted to say because I am on a journey to change the way I eat.

I recently purchased a book by actress Alicia Silverstone titled “The Kind Diet.” I have noticed that somewhere in the aging process my body did what my taste buds were telling me to eat, it rolled. My taste buds wanted doughnuts and chocolate and rolls, but I also noticed the rolls on my body after indulging in these wonderful creations for weeks at a time. I also noticed that after eating deep fried foods I felt fried. And then there was also the voyage my stomach took after eating the things I craved. My stomach rolled so much it made me seasick, hence my decision to buy “The Kind Diet.”

“The Kind Diet” emphasizes a plant-based diet. “The Kind Diet” asks you to do away with refined sugar and processed foods. The book insists that by using “The Kind Diet” you will have radiant skin, a slim physique and “The Kind Diet” it is a compassionately delicious way to save the earth. Those are the words on the back of the book.

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I decided to be kind to myself and try this diet in moderation. After all, who can go cold turkey from donuts, ice cream and fried onion rings? Plus, Easter is coming and I can’t miss pigging out on the Easter ham.

My friend and I journeyed to a nearby whole foods market. I had looked at the recipes and decided I was going to try a few new foods in the pantry. I had heard of tofu and I had the perfect tofu egg salad recipe to try so tofu was the first item on my list.

I also thought about trying the weight loss tea recipe. What the heck were daikon, umeboshi plum and shoyu? I found out that umeboshi plums are super-sour pickled plums salted and pressed with shiso leaves. What in the world are shiso leaves? A Google search (thank goodness for Google) told me that shiso leaves are an annual herb that is a member of the mint family. I am shiso I didn’t want to ask about shiso at the store. By Googling I could appear to be informed.

After more Googling I found daikon is an Oriental radish. I moved onward to Shoyu, not to be confused with show you. Shoyu is a type of soy sauce made from soya beans and wheat and is a foundation of Japanise cuisine. We can add a quarter sheet of nori to this tea. This is optional. I was already worn out from all these new names, but I continued on and found that nori is a Japanese name for various edible seaweed of the red algae porphyra. Finally, I found an ingredient in the recipe that I actually understood. My research was done. My final ingredient was carrots!

After researching this recipe and actually finding out what all these ingredients were I decided I wasn’t quite adventurous enough to try it yet.

I was excited and decided to start with tofu egg salad. I tried to figure out how I was going to get the male member of my household to try this. He likes egg salad, but his love is meat and potatoes. So I lied a little. It was a little white lie. All wives do it at one time or another, and I suspect husbands do, too. I told him I made egg salad but left out the yolks. He didn’t catch on right away. He thought it was a little bland. I was going to spice it up with spicy mustard to give it a yellow tinge, but alas there was no mustard in the house. I finally told him the truth days later. Maybe he will never let me cook again?

The tofu egg salad actually was very good, and if I didn’t know what was in it I would have thought it was eggs. However, there is something to be said for the mind knowing what you actually are eating. I must admit my mind influenced me a little bit. My mind was saying tofu while my taste buds were tasting eggs.

I am not any skinnier yet. My complexion isn’t glowing, and I haven’t experimented enough to be able to lay claim to compassionately, deliciously saving the earth. But I am learning new things about food and finding new tastes that I thought I probably would not like. I will not ever completely give up the food I love that heaps those rolls onto my body, but I might be able to eat in moderation.

“The Kind Diet” is a good book, well-written and easy-to-understand. The recipes are great if they don’t scare you first with the ingredients. It is time to plan my Easter dinner. I have settled on Thanksgiving tofu for the main course, but I am changing the name to Easter Tofu. I will add Alicia’s sexy inspired salad (the men should like that). I will end the meal with peanut butter pie made with tofu, vegan cookie crust, non-dairy chocolate chips and soy milk. I am sure my family will love this dinner.

Can you believe it? I gave my family the menu and for some strange reason they all have other plans.

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