Youth for Christ made a difference

Published 9:00 am Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My name is Heidi Smith (formerly known as: Heidi Hebert) and I am excited to share my experience with Youth for Christ as it heads to its 49th year of ministry. 

I first started to go to YFC when I was in high school, attended a Bible study and became a middle school TNT leader. I also attended a YFC national conference in Singapore through YFC in 1998.

I now am married and living in Boulder, Colo., where I am a registered nurse and triathlon coach. We attend a wonderful, wildly growing church of nearly 11,000 people called Flatiron’s community church. We love going there because it reaches out to all people regardless of where they are at in their life. Flatirons is known for their “me too” philosophy — meaning that we all have struggles and are in this together; we are all loved by God no matter where we are at in our life. I feel that YFC has a similar philosophy of acceptance and welcoming spirit.

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YFC is important to the community because it serves as a place where people can feel accepted and be steered in a positive direction. Through relationships I had at The Rock, I had a place to learn about God, bring my questions and discover my faith. With a variety of activities for everyone and caring staff, YFC is instrumental in the lives and futures of many young people. I will always be thankful for YFC and the impact that has been made on my life. I can only imagine how many others have been touched by this ministry.  

Heidi Smith

Boulder, Colo.