1 dress, 3 generations

Published 10:45 am Thursday, April 29, 2010

Ruth Furland must have timeless taste in fashion if her daughter and granddaughter want to wear a dress she wore and purchased in 1957.

Furland’s granddaughter, Kelsey Munson, 18, will wear her grandmother’s dress to Alden-Conger High School’s prom on Saturday. Munson’s aunt also wore the dress to her prom at Albert Lea High School in 1988.

“I’ve worn it before for a get-together,” Munson said. “I always wanted to wear it to prom and thought it’d be cool.”

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Furland’s parents took her to Hilda’s Bridal & Formal in Fairmont to look at dresses for her formal dance in 1957 at Frost High School in Frost. She said it was the only black dress; others were pastels.

She had seen the dress advertised in Seventeen Magazine. The parents bought it at Hilda’s for $34.

“I just liked the dress,” Furland said. “It was different.”

Furland’s mother had to take the dress in a little bit, but then the dress was altered when Furland’s daughter, Annie Olson, wanted to wear it in 1988. They changed the back of the dress to have straps and bows instead of a zipper.

“Once I saw it, I thought it’d be neat,” Olson said.

Olson said her mother made their other prom dresses, but then they found this one preserved at her grandparent’s home.

“My mom kept it in such good shape, and took care of it all those years,” Furland said.

The dress is black with blue tones and has a good amount of tool. It has stayed fashionable throughout the years.

“It worked for the ’80s,” Olson said. “Lots of tulle and netting, which was coming back.”

Because Olson didn’t spend any money on the dress, she got to spend more on the jewelry she wore with it.

“I thought $37 was extravagant to spend on jewelry,” Olson said.

Munson will wear her aunt’s jewelry with the dress so all she had to buy were the shoes. She plans to get her hair done at Salon Neecee in Alden and get a spray tan. Furland likes that they both wanted to wear the dress.

“I’m just honored that they both wore it,” Furland said.

Furland said she didn’t wear any jewelry to her formal dance. She also said everyone went separately and danced together.

“They had a banquet and then a dance,” Furland said.

They hope to keep the dress in good shape in case someone in the future fourth generation wants to wear it. Munson’s mom didn’t get the chance to wear the dress, but likes that her daughter gets to wear it to her prom.

“I just thought it was kind of fun that the three generations wore it,” Laura Munson said.