Albert Lea archer takes second at national championship competition

Published 9:50 am Thursday, April 1, 2010

Fourteen-year-old Albert Lea archer Hunter Tuveson finished in second place in the youth freestyle division at the National Field Archery Association’s Indoor National Championships in Louisville, Ky.

But not without a fight.

The freestyle division in archery is the most competitive. It was a two-day shoot with 60 arrows per day. Archers could score up to 300 points per day, and X-rings — another ring inside the center ring — were used for tiebreakers.

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Tuveson scored a 300 the first day with 59 of them as X-ring shots, and he scored a 300 the second day with 60 of them as X-ring shots.

The score tied Hunter Davis from Virginia, resulting in a shoot-off. They shot five arrows. Both archers hit five X-rings. They shot five more with the same results. They shot five more, but the arrow had to be in the center but not touch the X-ring. In archery terms, this is called “inside out.”

Tuveson shot four inside-out with one touching the X-ring. Davis shot five inside-out arrows, giving him the title.

Glen Bordwell of New York captured third place. He had 300 each of the two days and had 106 X-rings.

Out of 1,300 participants in the Nationals in all divisions, only seven archers, all in the professional class, shot a higher score — 600 with 120 X-rings over two days — than the two 14-year-olds named Hunter.