Editorial: Metro, Vikes, go work it out

Published 9:00 am Friday, April 16, 2010


Hey, you. Yeah, you, the Vikings organization up there in the Twin Cities.

Take the route we suggested in October.

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Don’t ask the Legislature for money from the state coffers.

Do ask the Legislature for a special tax from the metro area to fund a new stadium.

This is the route to your stadium. It worked for the Minnesota Twins.

It’s clear the Twin Cities needs a first-class stadium that benefits not just the Vikings but all of the metro economy, a facility that can be used by more than just the Vikes.

It’s just hard to imagine folks as far away as Roseau and Worthington and Caledonia will get the same benefit out of one as the people from Minneapolis and St. Paul. Therefore, it makes no sense for the state to chip in.

Even Gov. Tim Pawlenty on Wednesday hinted non-state is the correct route to seek.

The lease at the Metrodome runs out in 2011. We urge metro officials to work with the Vikings organization on building a new stadium on the place where the Metrodome exists. This, of course, would mean the Vikes would have to play a season in the Gophers’ new stadium, just like other NFL teams have done.

If the Vikings someday move, the blame should fall — and probably will — on the leaders of the Twin Cities, not the state government.

Put a deal together.