Editorial: What you asked for

Published 9:30 am Thursday, April 15, 2010

The people who read only the printed newspaper don’t get to see what is said in the comments online following stories.

Some readers like it that way, because the comments often are by anonymous posters. Other readers, however, wish we would share with them some of the highlights.

So today, we thought we would heed the request and share some. Our apologies to the other readers who oppose the idea. Please, let us try new things from time to time and see how it goes over.

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These comments come from the Wednesday story about finding the missing body of Jon Weiland. They are not edited, appearing as they do at AlbertLeaTribune.com:

so sad my thoughts and prayers go out to jons family

— lilady32

my thoughts and prayers go out to the family. although they will never forget maybe they will now have closure. so sorry for your loss.

— anasgranny

A. Getting groceries was more important than something suspicious.

B. Notice how the Trib highlights that she read the article in the Trib. I guess they have to toot there own horns. No one else will.

RIP Jon Weiland and may you finally be at peace.

— tkk07

tkk07-it’s not usually a good idea to go checking out suspicious things by oneself. Also, the Tribune was not tooting their own horns as you say, if you actually looked it is a link to the first story that was published hence the highlighting. This allows people who are not familiar with the story to easily find it and read it. Besides that, if you were involved in the process of helping find a missing person you probably would be tooting your own horn for helping out another human being.

Thankfully, people like the woman who did go to the grocery store first but then went to investigate what she thought she saw exist in this world and newspapers are distributed widely so that things like this can be solved.

God Bless the Weiland family

— bh0711

My sincerest sympathies to the Weiland family. May you now be able to find some peace. I would imagine not knowing is worse…

— amyzone

Does anyone remember the weather that night. Dec 19 2009. That month was a real bear all the way around. Foggy, snow, ice…

— SunFan

God Bless the women who brought closure to this family! Also thanks to the Albert Lea tribune for running the story you have the right to toot your horn it was because of your story that made her think she should go back and look and now the family may move on.

— saddie

This is to Tkk07: First of all, your comment is totally ignorant. The lady who found Jon did not realize at first what she actually saw. While she was in the store she got a glimpse of something red, then realized that what she saw was thought might be a very small piece of the trim from around a window. This was nearly 300 feet away. Just be thankful that she returned to check it out. Authorities believe that in a very short time with the grass growing and trees filling out more, it probably would not have even been found. Next time think, if that is possible, before posting rude comments.

— rambling