Fewer trees mean a better view

Published 4:20 pm Saturday, April 17, 2010

This is in response to the Tribune’s thumbs down view on the cutting of trees in Sunday’s Tribune.

I would like to present the point of view from those of us who are fortunate enough to live on the lake. You claim that trees have been cut down for convenience of the views. If that is the case, then why are there 41 trees along the boulevard between the new bridge at the base of Shoreland Heights and the bridge at the base of Sunset Avenue. Those of us who live on the lake pay extra taxes to be there, and it would be great to see the view. To say we have done nothing about planting trees to make up for the loss is bogus. Check out the new boat landing — 17 new trees as well as many new trees in between the existing ones along the boulevard. Soon we will have a wall of trees around the lake and no one will be able to enjoy it.

And to answer your question “What’s a shoreline without the trees?” Well, it would be a view we all could enjoy.

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Nadine Krieger

Albert Lea