Geneva church members enjoy Wednesday breakfast time

Published 9:45 am Thursday, April 29, 2010

One local pastor is finding a way to connect with the members of his church. The Rev. Gary Liker of Geneva’s United Methodist Church has been meeting for fellowship with members at Geneva Foods and Deli every Wednesday morning since 2003.

“We talk about anything and everything,” Liker said.

Liker wanted the chance to meet and chat with church members because he can’t stay after the 8:45 a.m. service on Sundays. He goes right to Ellendale United Methodist Church, where he also preaches.

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“There’s never any one specific thing we talk about,” Liker said. “There’s not always time to chat on Sundays.”

The breakfast meeting is a chance for any member to come and chat about current events or anything they want.

“Sometimes it’s faith-based,” Liker said. “It’s a time for fellowship and to check in on each other.”

The group has had people from other churches come to talk. The main concern right now is that Liker will be leaving this summer, and they hope their new pastor will want to continue with the breakfasts. Liker started the breakfasts when he came to Geneva to meet the members and people in the community.

“A lot of people in Geneva didn’t know who our pastor was,” Sharon Jensen said.

Sharon and her husband, Jerry, come to the breakfasts each week. They don’t live in Geneva but still want to be part of the small congregation.

“We have coffee and fellowship on Sunday,” Sharon said. “It’s a small congregation — about 34 members.”

Sharon’s husband had a few words about why he liked the Wednesday breakfasts.

“It’s something to do on Wednesday mornings,” Jerry said.

Another church member at the deli was Ann Farr. She comes from Albert Lea each Wednesday to meet the group.

“I’ve been coming here a long, long time,” Farr said. “We talk about my grandchildren and great-grandchildren.”

Farr likes that they can keep up on each other’s lives through the breakfast meetings. She is retired but works part time at the American Legion in Albert Lea.

“It’s hard to stay home and do nothing,” Farr said. “You’ve got to get out and keep moving.”

The usual fare on Wednesdays is eggs, pancakes or french toast. The group said they like the wide variety of the menu, and the food’s always good and fast. They like eating at the deli because the staff knows what they drink and has everything ready for their meeting on Wednesdays.

The group also talks about happenings in Geneva. One topic was an open house of a local business and another was gas prices going up. Sharon joked that they also have the background music of the other table playing dice to decide who pays for the next cup of coffee.

The church was recently updated with a new ceiling and new walls. The work was done by volunteers, and the money for the project was donated. Though they only have a few members, they’re all proud of their quaint church. They like their fellowship on Wednesdays and anyone is welcome to join.

“Anyone can come if they have a few minutes,” Liker said.