Hall of fame is a good idea for A.L. High School

Published 9:15 am Thursday, April 22, 2010

Albert Lea High School indeed should have a sports Hall of Fame.

I spoke with Al Arends the other day for a couple of minutes. (If you know Al that means an hour or so.) He told me that a group was putting together an athletic hall of fame for Albert Lea athletics. It surprised me that was happening as I had just assumed there already was one, and Al informed me that Albert Lea is the only school in the Big Nine not to have a hall of fame.

I think a hall of fame is a great idea whether it is for academics or sports as both provide healthy outlets for our youth. I think striving to be the best in any area of your life is very noble.

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The Albert Lea High School Athletic Hall of Fame needs nominations of deserving athletes and coaches. I told Al that about 80 or so people read my column and that I would try and put the word out for him. To nominate an athlete or coach, just send a nomination letter to:

ALHS Athletic Hall of Fame

C/O Education Foundation

P.O. Box 828

Albert Lea, MN 56007

Or send e-mail to: tigerhalloffame@gmail.com.

Or go to http://es.albertlea.k12.mn.us/hsfame/default.aspx and fill out the online form.

Now, before you send a nomination, there are a few criteria that need to be followed.


1. An athlete must have graduated from Albert Lea High School a minimum of five years prior to his/her being nominated.

2. He or she must have exemplified good behavior that is a credit to the Albert Lea High School and the surrounding community.


1. A coach must have coached at Albert Lea High School at least seven years prior to being nominated.

2. He or she must have distinguished him- or herself by demonstrating exceptional leadership and character while as a coach for Albert Lea High School.

Now these are not all of the criteria, but the basics and the nomination team will judge the rest. The first-year applications for the inaugural class need to be sent in by April 30, 2010. Please be very thorough and send in clippings, letters, and photos to support your nomination as the selection committee does not do further research into each nominated person.

So send in the nominations as I am sure there are plenty of men and women who have earned recognition into this hall of fame.

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