Hollandale students get together for fellowship on wheels

Published 11:00 am Thursday, April 1, 2010

A few of the children fell down, but they all got back up on their skates ready to try again. There was a roller-skating party at Rohler Rink in Brownsdale for the kids who go to Hollandale Christian School on Monday.

“It’s just to get all the families together for some fellowship and fun,” Lisa Vos said.

Vos is the principal at Hollandale Christian School. The school has kindergarten through eighth grade, and all students and their families were invited to the skating party. There were kids of all ages at the rink. The older ones skated on the track while the younger kids stuck close to things they could hang on to like tables and countertops.

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“Most of the time activities at school are just for kids,” Vos said.

Most students bring their moms, but there were a lot of dads present. Families received a reduced price for skating with the school.

“We’ve done it for 20 years or more,” Vos said.

One family has been coming to the skating party for almost seven years.

“It’s something adults and kids can do,” Jodi Loverink said.

Loverink has two children and likes having the whole school come out and the games they play at the skating parties. Another mother, Stephanie Miller, has three children and brought them all to the skating event.

“Benjamin is in kindergarten, and he’s excited,” Miller said.

Monday was actually Benjamin’s birthday so he was happy to celebrate with the rest of his class.

“He’s a little worried about being able to do it,” Miller said.

Miller and her family have never been to a skating party with the school.

“I think it’s a good activity to get everyone together,” Miller said.