Homosexuality is like horseradish

Published 10:05 am Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Homosexuality is a very controversial subject that no one has the right to speak on another’s behalf. Although there are groups of people who decide against it, or decide to defend it, every single person on the is planet has a unique outlook on whether to permit it or to ban it. My point of view on the subject is one of semi-tolerance, religion, and a sort of phobia, if you will.

I find so often that people can either live with it and it doesn’t bother them, or they bash the very idea and curse those to “eternal damnnation” if they practice the act. I have learned that I’ll have to accept the fact that people do this out in the real world and learned to get over it. It’s kind of like that weird horseradish that you keep in the back corner of your fridge for your little brother. You don’t want to see it or hear about it, but when it comes out everyone either lives with it or can’t stand it at all and leaves the table in disgust.

At a religious viewpoint, and being of the Christian religion, I see it as someone who knows it’s wrong but doesn’t want to step in on someone else’s life to preach my faith. I see it as this: My God created the world and made a man named Adam to rule over it. From Adam’s own flesh and blood God made Eve, a woman, to be Adam’s wife, joint ruler, and the mother of Adam’s children when it was time. In order to conceive a child a couple must, well you know. Now if God would have made sex a moraly sound decision regardless of gender, then why didn’t he create both the first woman and a second man? Well along came sin and so on and so forth. Maybe why homosexuality is in the world today is because of sin. Homosexuality is such a large topic, it’s impossible to cover in one letter, but please, let us, as a people, find an answer.

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Matthew Attig

Albert Lea High School

English class

Albert Lea