Immigration policy needs enforcement

Published 9:40 am Tuesday, April 6, 2010

This letter is in response to Doug Nopar’s letter printed March 28.

There is nothing wrong with our immigration policy. The immigration laws were changed in 1965, but they are seldom enforced — that’s where the problem lies. You talked about Centro Campesino. According to the state of Minnesota, there are no migrant workers in the state. We could supply you with a tape that was taken of a Centro Campesino rally in Owatonna. This tape was shown on KSTP in Minneapolis. I’m sure you would be real proud of this group after viewing this tape. Their spokesperson claims to be a professor at the University of Minnesota, but she is not. She also made many statements that were not true, and all the profanity they used … . They have been receiving $150,000 per year from the state every year — our tax money.

We need less immigration, not more. The laws need to be enforced. Prior to 1965 we let in an average of 178,000 legal immigrants per year — now it is over 1 million per year, and another 375,000 to 500,000 illegal immigrants per year.

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Paul Westrum

Albert Lea