Money spent on clean lake is worth it

Published 10:25 am Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The green shine may be one of Fountain Lake’s best assets. The question is, is that a good thing when the lake sparkles a crystal clear green? It is not one of my favorite things about Albert Lea.

I love the fountains at night when they flash different colors creating a very surreal atmosphere. But when the sun comes out the next morning the gross algae takes control and the fountains are not so pretty any more.

I think it would be in Albert Lea’s best interests to try’ to clean our lake. I know we have tons of efforts to clean it up already. Examples being when volunteers help clean up the garbage in or around the lake, and we also dump chemicals in it to try to kill the algae. But it never seems to fail; every summer the green comes back to haunt me. I think we, as a community need to decide on how to make the lake cleaner.

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I have heard we may drudge the lake. I think this is a very good idea. We could also try things like asking other places how their lakes are crystal clean, or try to have an expert come in and see what we need to do. I know this will cost money and time, but if the result is a beautiful lake, then I think we should try. There is always something we can do to better our humble little town called Albert Lea.

Morgan Field

Albert Lea High School

English class

Albert Lea