Rochester man charged with fleeing police officers

Published 9:19 am Monday, April 12, 2010

A 38-year-old Rochester man faces several criminal charges after being arrested Wednesday night for leading authorities on a chase from Austin into Freeborn County.

Marcelino Delangel was charged Friday with fleeing from a police officer in a motor vehicle, a felony, and driving after cancellation, a gross misdemeanor.

Delangel was also charged with felony fifth-degree drug possession — he allegedly threw a large amount of methamphetamine from his car at two squad cars during the chase, and authorities later found a syringe and a pipe in his car that tested positive for meth.

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Also Friday, Delangel was charged in connection with an ongoing Austin drug investigation and an alleged deal he made with a police informant. In that case, Delangel faces two counts of felony second-degree drug sales, one count of felony third-degree drug sales and a felony third-degree drug possession charge.

Delangel is in Mower County custody on $500,000 bail, or $250,000 with court conditions, and is scheduled for arraignment on all charges April 22.

According to a police report, the chase began in the 1800 block of Oakland Avenue West at around 11:10 p.m. Wednesday. An officer on patrol spotted Delangel — who had been wanted by police since February for violating his probation on a previous drugs and firearm conviction — and initiated his siren.

Delangel, who had an 18-year-old female passenger in the car, turned south on 12th Street and sped away at about 50 mph. Two Austin squad cars pursued Delangel, who next turned west on County Road 4 toward Freeborn County. While on County Road 4, he threw a large amount of a white substance out of his car, which hit the front windshield of a squad car, the report states. The substance later tested positive as meth.

Delangel also allegedly tossed a black object from his car during the chase, which authorities believe was a pistol. However, the object has yet to be recovered, according to a criminal complaint.

Austin police notified the Freeborn County Sheriff’s Office that the suspect was headed their way, so Freeborn deputies deployed “stop sticks.” Delangel drove over some on 870th Avenue at County Road 1 in Freeborn County, popping all four of his tires. He continued on to 873rd Avenue but stopped his vehicle there, the report states.

Officers arrested Delangel and the female passenger at gunpoint without incident. Delangel was taken to jail, while the woman was later released.

After the arrest, officers checked Delangel’s vehicle, which is when they located the syringe and a glass pipe that tested positive for meth inside a flashlight case.

The other incident in question allegedly occurred March 9. According to a criminal complaint, a confidential informant notified the Austin Police Department that he was set up to make a drug deal with another man, 30-year-old Jesse Lynn Devriendt, that night.

Police wired the informant and followed him to Devriendt’s 811 Third St. NW home. After the informant entered the property, another man, later identified to be Delangel, was seen leaving the residence in vehicle.

He allegedly returned with roughly 4 grams of meth to sell to the informant for $400. As part of the deal, Devriendt allegedly took some of the narcotic as “payment.” He also notified the informant that he facilitated deals for Delangel as a way to repay him for meth he purchased previously.

Devriendt and Juan Irlas, 37, who allegedly entered the property with Delangel and helped facilitate the deal, were arrested Tuesday following an early-morning police raid of Devriendt’s residence. The two were charged with numerous felony drug offenses Thursday and wait arraignment on April 22.

Devriendt, Irlas and Delangel also each face a felony count of selling narcotics in a public housing zone, as Devriendt’s residence is within 300 feet of Pickett Place.