Scharkey tops stout Chateau Raceway Mod field

Published 8:31 am Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Another nice, but rather brisk spring day greeted race fans and competitors for the second night of racing at the Chateau Raceway. Again this week there were competitors from four states making some long hauls to get some racing in before their home tracks open.

The first feature on the track was in the Misgen Auto Parts Pure Stocks. Brady Krohnberg and Matt Miller paced the field to Chris Toot’s green flag and they were off on their 15-lap affair.

Brandon Shaner quickly swept to the lead from row two as Adam Godeke challenged Krohnberg for second. Jason Newkirk, James Connors and Dustin Sletten went three wide in turn two on lap two.

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Godeke blew to second and Sletten battled his way up to third. Sletten spun out on lap four and brought out the caution.

Shaner and Godeke had an excellent race for the lead and kept it close.

Godeke stormed past Shaner and took the top spot on lap 12 as they raced out of turn four. Godeke glided to the win with Shaner second. Newkirk finished third with Dylan Nelson and Stacy Krohnberg in the top five.

The RS Auto Rebuilders Wissota Amsoil Dirt Track Series Street Stocks were on the track next. Tim Johnson and Dan Holland went back and forth in the early stages of this one. Holland stole the lead in turn one on lap two, but Johnson repaid the favor in turn two and was back on top.

Ryan Goergen got to third and challenged Holland for second. They got together on lap six and Goergen was sent to the tail for the incident. From there it was Tim Johnson leading the rest of the way.

Johnson scored the clean sweep also winning his heat race earlier in the evening. Holland was second with A.J. Zvorak third after running with a bent left front ball joint. Jesse Stahl wound up fourth and rookie Kevin Vogt had a great run in fifth.

A slim field of nine Farm Boy BBQ Wissota Amsoil Dirt Track Series Midwest Modifieds were in the pits this week. In the end, a monster scared off the rest of his competitors.

Brandon Davis dubbed the “Medford Monster” dominated the 20-lap feature event. Davis started outside of row one and won by well over a straightaway. Davis also picked up a clean sweep winning the heat race also.

Dan Wheeler finished a distant second with Greg Pfeifer Jr. winding up in the third slot. Last week’s winner Bryan Hernandez was third and Jerry Young rounded out the top five.

Eight Power 96 IMCA Stock Cars rolled onto the speedway for their feature run. Merlyn Hegland took the lead off the start, but Elijah Zevenbergen applied pressure immediately. Zevenbergen snagged the point in turn four of the fourth circuit.

Zevenbergen led the rest of the way to take the win. Travis Shipman slipped past Dan Mackenthun on lap 12 to finish second. Mackenthun was third with Hegland and Dais Bouche fifth.

Sixteen cars answered the bell for the French’s Repair and Fabrication USRA Modified feature. Veteran driver Todd Scharkey has had a rough past couple of seasons with bad luck plaguing him. If this early season start is any indication, everyone might be looking at Scharkey’s rear bumper.

It took four tries to get things rolling for minor spins and scrapes. After that Scharkey took full advantage of his front row starting spot. Scharkey led from the drop of the green flag and held off a late challenge from Mike Sorensen for the win.

It was Scharkey’s second win overall as he also won at another track a couple of weeks ago. Rookie A.J. Wiste continued to impress, finishing a solid third. Jacob Dahle was fourth and Josh Mattick was fifth.

In the S&S Hornet divisions, Nia Gardner won her first career feature in her third start holding off fellow female driver Casey Trom. In the Senior Hornets it was Gary Stahl leading the way to the feature win.

Racing continues at the Chateau Raceway next Friday with hot laps at 7 p.m. and racing to follow. For more information go to the speedways official Web site



Feature—Gary Stahl (Kasson), Terry Blowers (Waseca), Bob Schoenfelder (Grand Meadow), Kaitlyn Stark (Austin), Anthony Alstat (Leroy), Brandon Vogt (Rose Creek), Scott Ehmke (Austin), Kelby Johnson (New Richland)

Heat—Stahl, Blowers, Schoenfelder, Johnson, Stark, Alstat, Ehmke, Vogt

IMCA Stock Cars

Feature—Elijah Zevenbergen (Oscheden, IA), Travis Shipman (Mason City, IA), Dan Mackenthun (Hamburg), Merlyn Hegland (Rudd, IA), David Bouche (Algoma, WI), Mike Madsen (Blooming Prairie), Chris Adams (Stacyville, IA); Larry Portis (Nora Springs, IA)

Heat—Shipman, Hegland, Mackenthun, Bouche, Zevenbergen, Portis, Adams, Madsen

Junior Hornets

Feature—Nia Gardner (Stewartville), Casey Trom (Zumbrota), Charlie Steinberg (Kasson), Cole Lonergan (Dexter), Noah Grinstead (Austin)

Heat—Trom, Gardner, Steinberg, Lonergan, Grinstead

Wissota Midwest Modifieds

Feature—Brandon Davis (Medford), Dan Wheeler (Columbia Heights), Greg Pfeifer Jr. (Austin), Bryan Hernandez (Blooming Prairie), Jerry Young (Blooming Prairie), Cody Gardner (Stewartville), Scott Bintz (Jamestown, ND), Bill Steinberg (Kasson), Travis Wytaske (Rose Creek)

Heat—Davis, Pfeifer Jr., Bintz, Wheeler, Hernandez, Wytaske, Young, Gardner, Steinberg

Pure Stock

Feature—Adam Godeke (Hollandale), Brandon Shaner (Owatonna), Jason Newkirk (Austin), Dylan Nelson (Freeborn), Stacy Krohnberg (Walters), Randy Rauen (Austin), Brady Krohnberg (Walters), Dustin Sletten (Owatonna), James Connors (Waseca), Sammie Fromm (Owatonna), Katie Elward (Hayfield), Jacob Stark (Austin), Matt Miller (Austin), Matt Simon (Adams), Keith Weber (Austin)

First Heat—Shaner, Connors, S. Krohnberg, B. Krohnberg, Nelson, Rauen, Stark, Weber

Second Heat—Sletten, Newkirk, Godeke, Miller, Fromm. Simon, Elward

Wissota Street Stock

Feature—Tim Johnson (Brainerd), Dan Holland (Brownsdale), AJ Zvorak (Blooming Prairie), Jesse Stahl (Austin), Kevin Vogt (Rose Creek), Tyler Peterson (Hollandale),

Rusty Kollman (Carrington, ND), Jason Barber (New Richland), Matt Eustice (Hartland), Ryan Goergen (Stacyville, IA), James Weber (Austin), Derek Kilby (Austin), Briana Grinstead (Austin), Samantha Stark (Austin), Brent Holland (Glenville), Jesse Baer (Minnesota Lake), Mike Blowers (Waseca)

First Heat—Johnson, D. Holland, Eustice, Goergen, Kollman, B. Holland, Vogt, Weber, Kilby

Second Heat—Zvorak, Barber, Stahl, Baer, Blowers, Peterson, Stark, Grinstead

USRA Modified

Feature—Todd Scharkey (Kasson), Mike Sorensen (Rochester), AJ Wiste (Adams), Jacob Dahle (Morristown), Josh Mattick (Austin), Jason Cummins (New Richland), Dustin Steinbrink (Austin), Brandon Aggen (Rushmore), Doug Hillson (Blooming Prairie), Joe Wernecke (Dodge Center), Greg Jensen (Albert Lea), Jeremy Misgen (Ellendale), Bobby Swanson (Kasson), Lucas Schott (Chatfield), Ben Mattick (Hayfield), Wally Bustad (Austin)

First Heat—Cummins, Sorensen, B. Mattick, Scharkey, Swanson, Jensen, Wernecke, Bustad

Second Heat—J. Mattick, Dahle, Wiste, Steinbrink, Aggen, Schott, Hillson, Misgen