Sorensen tops Chateau Raceway Modifieds in opener

Published 8:43 am Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The 2010 racing season kicked off in fine fashion Friday night at the Chateau Raceway in Lansing. Eighty-six race teams signed in the back gate and a decent crowd was on hand despite the cool and blustery conditions.

The first feature race of the season was the Misgen Auto Parts Pure Stocks. Dylan Nelson took off from row one to lead early on. Stacy Krohnberg moved up from the third starting slot to challenge.

On lap seven Krohnberg made his move on the low side in turn three and took over the lead. James Connors worked his way into second on lap eight and one lap later Nelson dropped out of competition.

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Krohnberg went on to pick up the win followed by Connors. Jason Newkirk finished third, Dustin Sletten was fourth and Brandon Shaner closed out the top five.

Next up was the RS Auto Rebuilders Wissota Street Stock feature with two-time defending point champion A.J. Zvorak on the pole and Ryan Goergen to his outside. Zvorak quickly took the lead and Tim Johnson followed Zvorak to second.

Danny Hanson was up to fourth on lap three after starting eighth and was moving fast. Hanson bolted by Goergen on lap four for third and it was a three horse race up front.

Anthony Condit lost control in turn four as Zvorak zoomed past. Hanson and Johnson had no room as Condit got into the side of Hanson. The contact sent Hanson into Johnson and all three into the frontstretch wall. Hanson was able to continue, but Johnson was done with substantial front end damage.

Another big incident two laps later involved seven cars in turn one, and once again slowed the pace. When the race resumed Zvorak led the rest of the way to the checkered flag and the clean sweep for the evening. Hanson drove his battered car to second with Jesse Baer running third. Rounding out the top five were Mike Jans and Goergen.

The Farm Boy BBQ Wissota Midwest Modifieds may have had a small field of 11 cars, but their feature was excellent. It boiled down to a race for the win between Jerry Young and Bryan Hernandez.

Young led from the drop of the green with Hernandez, Shane Sabraski and Brandon Davis in close pursuit. Sabraski dropped out on lap four and that left a three car battle up front.

Davis used the high groove to get beside Hernandez on the sixth circuit. Hernandez took over on lap seven and then was all over Young for the lead. They raced back and forth up front entertaining the crowd as they cycled around the speedway.

Hernandez was on the top side of Young and took over the lead in turn two with two laps remaining. Hernandez glided home from there for the win followed by Young and Davis. Greg Pfeifer Jr. and Joe Horgdahl scored top five finishes.

For the first time ever the Power 96 IMCA sanctioned stock cars ran at the speedway. They have been added to division lineup at Chateau for the 2010 season. Eight cars started the main event and put on a pretty good show for the fans.

Veteran Larry Portis took the lead from the start, but Elijah Zevenbergen gave him everything he had the entire race. Zevenbergen was glued to Portis’ rear bumper but was unable to get around the crafty Portis.

Portis scored the first ever IMCA Stock Car feature win at the track. Zevenbergen was a close second with Dan Mackenthun third. Rounding out the top five were Jesse Anderson and Chris Adams.

Mike Sorensen redrew the pole position for the French’s Repair and Fabrication USRA Modifieds. That was pretty much the story for this feature run. Sorensen making his first start in a brand new car had things dialed in perfectly and topped the 19-car field.

Sorensen led from start to finish and won comfortably. The racing behind him was pretty good as Greg Jensen had one of his best runs to date finishing a strong second. Shane Sabraski ran a solid third with Jason Cummins and Jacob Dahle fourth and fifth.

Probably the most entertaining race of the evening was the S&S Auto Salvage Junior Hornet feature. Only three cars answered the bell for the race and it was soon down to two after Nia Gardner suffered a flat tire.

Jake Bigelow and Cole Lonergan entertained the crows with one of the best two cars races in memory. They diced back and forth for the lead and Bigelow stole the lead as the white flag came out and looked to be on his way.

But, it looked like Bigelow either missed a shift or the car misfired and that allowed Lonergan’s Ford Pinto to race back up alongside. Lonergan took the lead in turn three and held off Bigelow for the exciting win.

Gary Stahl led the S&S Auto Salvage Hornets until Jason McShane got by on lap three. McShane’s car then started leaking fluid pretty heavily and was black flagged. After nearly rolling his car over on lap one, Terry Blowers regained his composure.

Blowers moved to the front and took the lead on lap seven. Blowers won the feature for the “Neon Mafia” with Stahl second. Kaitlyn Stark, Bob Schoenfelder and Anthony Alstat finished out the top five.

Racing resumes next Friday with hot laps at 7 p.m. and racing to follow. Keep up to date with all the happenings at the Chateau Raceway at

Chateau Raceway Results


Feature—Terry Blowers (Waseca), Gary Stahl (Kasson), Kaitlyn Stark (Austin, Bob Schoenfelder (Grand Meadow), Anthony Alstat (Leroy), Jace Gasner (Kasson), Scott Ehmke (Austin), Brandon Vogt (Rose Creek), Jason McShane (Waseca), Kelby Johnson (Blooming Prairie), Jamie Tapp (Austin)

First Heat—Gasner, McShane, Johnson, Alstat, Schoenfelder, Tapp

Second Heat—Stahl, Blowers, Stark, Vogt, Ehmke

IMCA Stock Car

Feature—Larry Portis (Nora Springs, IA), Elijah Zevenbergen (Ocheden, IA), Dan Mackenthun, Jesse Anderson (Winthrop), Chris Adams (Stacyville, IA), Mike Madsen (Blooming Prairie), Travis Shipman (Mason City, IA), Merlyn Hegland (Rudd, IA)

Heat Race—Zevenbergen, Shipman, Adams, Hegland, Portis, Mackenthun, Madsen, Anderson

Junior Hornets

Feature—Cole Lonergan (Dexter), Jake Bigelow (Hayfield), Nia Gardner (Stewartville), Charlie Steinberg (Kasson)

Heat—Bigelow, Lonergan, Gardner, Steinberg

Wissota Midwest Modifieds

Feature—Bryan Hernandez (Blooming Prairie), Jerry Young (Blooming Prairie), Brandon Davis (Medford), Greg Pfeifer Jr. (Austin), Joe Horgdahl (Kasson), Billy Steinberg (Kasson), Travis Wytaske (Rochester), Tony Konold (Clear Lake, SD), Beau Lammers (Owatonna), Cody Gardner (Stewartville), Shane Sabraski (Rice)

First Heat—Sabraski, Gardner, Pfeifer Jr., Young, Steinberg, Horgdahl

Second Heat—Davis, Hernandez, Lammers, Konold, Wytaske

Pure Stock

Feature—Stacy Krohnberg (Walters), James Connors (Waseca), Jason Newkirk (Austin), Dustin Sletten (Owatonna), Brandon Shaner (Owatonna), Randy Rauen (Austin), Brady Krohnberg (Walters), Matt Miller (Austin), Adam Godeke (Hollandale), Sammie Fromm (Owatonna), Jacob Stark (Austin), Lisa Johnson (Owatonna), Dylan Nelson (Freeborn), Keith Weber (Austin)

First Heat—Godeke, Newkirk, S. Krohnberg, Connors, Shaner, Weber, B. Krohnberg

Second Heat—Rauen, Nelson, Sletten, Johnson, Miller, Fromm, Stark

Wissota Street Stock

Feature—AJ Zvorak (Blooming Prairie), Danny Hanson (Alma, WI), Jesse Baer (Minnesota Lake), Mike Jans (Clarkfield), Ryan Goergen (Stacyville, IA), Jesse Stahl (Austin), Matt Eustice (Hartland), Mike Blowers (Waseca), Jason Barber (New Richland), Brent Holland (Glenville), Kevin Vogt (Rose Creek), James Weber (Austin), Tyler Peterson (Hollandale), Briana Grinstead (Austin), Anthony Condit (Austin), Samantha Stark (Austin), Ross Spitzer (Dodge Center), Dan Holland (Brownsdale), Tim Johnson (Brainerd)

First Heat—Zvorak, Johnson, Baer, Spitzer, Vogt, Grinstead, Condit

Second Heat—Hanson, Jans, D. Holland, Stahl, B. Holland, Stark

USRA Modified

Feature—Mike Sorensen (Rochester), Greg Jensen (Albert Lea), Shane Sabraski (Rice), Jason Cummins (New Richland), Jacob Dahle (Morristown), Josh Angst (Winona), Joel Alberts (Mantorville), Josh Mattick (Austin), Josh Reisch (Luverne), Dustin Steinbrink (Austin), Bobby Swanson (Kasson), AJ Wiste (Adams), Doug Hillson (Blooming Prairie), Wally Bustad (Austin), Jeremy Misgen (Ellendale), Steve Wetzstein (West Concord), Lucas Schott (Chatfield), Joe Wernecke (Dodge Center), Ben Mattick (Hayfield)

First Heat—Angst, Sorensen, Schott, Wernecke, Wiste, Alberts, Misgen

Second Heat—Jensen, Dahle, Steinbrink, Swanson, Bustad, B. Mattick

Third Heat—Cummins, J. Mattick, Wetzstein, Sabraski, Hillson, Reisch