Take a different look at no-grinding policy

Published 8:40 am Monday, April 26, 2010

This year a higher authority in the Albert Lea School District initiated a “no grinding” policy. Some of the students were really offended by this, and I can see why. Dancing is a way of self-expression, and over the years dance has changed drastically. Grinding is just a new style of dancing.

There are some people who find this offensive. Now the grinding policy is instated. But I feel this subject doesn’t have to be a black or white thing. I think we should meet somewhere in the middle. Have the chaperones break up the grinding only if it’s getting awkward because of how they are dancing. Because I know that some people can get intense when they dance. But if they aren’t doing anything offensive I feel the chaperones should butt out.

I’m just looking for a solution for this awkward feeling at dances when chaperones have to tell the kids to stop grinding.

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Bryce DeBoer

Albert Lea High School

English class

Clarks Grove