The county is going down the drain

Published 3:00 pm Saturday, April 10, 2010

So once again the good ol’ boys of the Freeborn County Board of Commisioners are doing their typical back-room political maneuvering in regards to this SHIP coordinator position. Not only did they not inform the people whom they are supposed to represent that this position is open for applications, but now it would seem that they will not reconsider their decision.

Despite the fact that a significant number of their constituents are unemployed or suffering through financial hardships, they opt to allow one person, an Albert Lea City Council woman and a member of the Port Authority board, to apply for this position.

Then they have the audacity to hire her even though she is already employed by not one but two government entities.

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When the public began to ask what was going on this paper published an article stating that this position may be reopened for applications, but it seems that a majority of the commissioners do not feel the need to redo the process and will let the decision stand as is. Furthermore, it was stated that if the position were to be reopened the original sole applicant will be permitted to reapply!

This would only lead her to being rehired under the guise of fairness even though we know it would not be fair by any means.

To you commissioners who refuse to do what is right, I can only say that you disgust me. It is a shame that you would rather look out for yourselves and your pals in the system than to look out for the people who put you in your commissioner seat. It is a shame that such behavior is acceptable at the local level.

I would expect this kind of behavior from someone at the state or federal level, but your actions are truly mind-boggling. One can only hope that when the time comes, those of you who chose to allow this decision to stand without regard to your constituents will be removed from your position and someone who has a little more common sense will replace you.

John Cook

Albert Lea