Unanimously against anonymity

Published 4:00 pm Saturday, April 17, 2010

Thank you to Chad Lundak for speaking up about the negative online anonymous postings. Shame on those of you who write nasty things about high school student athletes and hide behind your anonymity!

I’m writing about the shameful postings about the Albert Lea High School girls’ basketball team. These comments were not only hurtful and mean, but also unfounded.

These girls bring so much more to the court than just basketball skills.

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Most of them are involved in so much more than just playing basketball; they’re involved in choir, their church, volunteer work and other community involved activities, the National Honor Society, give blood, participate in the school newpaper and yearbook, to name a few things.

They are students first, athletes second. These negative comments are being made about someone’s daughter, sister or granddaughter. The last comments about Abbey Arends were so uncalled for! Abbey deserved Player of the Year, picked by the Albert Lea Tribune. She is an awesome player and leader. She is not only a daughter, sister and granddaughter, she is a friend to many including my daughter, Morgan and our family.

To all of the girls on the basketball team, keep up the good work on and off the court and avoid reading those postings. Anybody who is too ashamed to print their name has little to offer, other than to try to bring others down to his/her level. You are all great people!

Cherie Seuser

Albert Lea