Vitality Center isn’t the city

Published 3:45 pm Saturday, April 17, 2010

In response to the letter published on April 9, 2010, “Was the job a case of insider politics?” I would like to clarify some of the facts in said letter.

First, I would like to state that the Vitality Center project is not run by the city; the Vitality Center is in the process of incorporation and getting its nonprofit organization status. It is also not a “quit-smoking, lose-weight” program; it is a lifestyle choice program. No one is forcing anyone to participate in any of its initiatives.

Second, the SHIP grant is for county use, and Albert Lea is in the county. The SHIP and PHC grants are run independently of the Vitality Center; however, they are initiatives of the Vitality Center.

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Third, Councilwoman Ellen Kehr is not working for the city under this project, so therefore, the City Ordinance 2.06 does not apply in this situation.

I feel that it is important for people to have the facts on this subject, before making assumptions.

Jamie Axsmith

Albert Lea