What other freedoms are we giving away?

Published 8:30 am Thursday, April 1, 2010

I recently read about a proposed law to ban smoking in your own car if your own kids are with you. It didn’t say anything about your grandkids, but I’m sure they mean any kids. I’m not to worried about my kids. They are 50, 48, 43 and 31.

Smokers have to go outside to smoke now if they are in a bar, club or restaurant. I’ll admit it is nice to go in a place without the smoke, but the thing here is it’s the government taking our freedom, one at a time. The owners should decide if they want their place to be smoke-free.

We got rid of the helmet law for motorcycles, but we still have to wear some kind of eyewear.

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We have to have kids in special seats in our cars. We have to wear a seatbelt in our car. Some states ban cell phone use while driving. I’ll agree with that.

It wouldn’t surprise me if someday we’ll have to have NASCAR seats in our cars along with neck restraints, goggles and helmets.

We are slowly losing our freedom.

How about this?

I wouldn’t be surprised if they put some kind of a law or tax governing our sex life. Wouldn’t that bring out the biggest bunch of liars you have ever seen?

P.S. I am a non-smoker.

Keith A. Porter Sr.

Albert Lea