2 cited following compliance checks

Published 10:00 am Thursday, May 6, 2010

Compliance checks conducted by the Albert Lea Police Department during April on local firms with liquor and tobacco sales licenses resulted in positive results, except for one sales person who reportedly failed with both checks and another person who recognized the decoy but afterward cut up the identification card.

The first person, Judy C. Wendland, was working at the Liquor Depot 606 S. Broadway Ave., on April 16 when she allegedly sold liquor to an undercover decoy sent into establishment by the Albert Lea Police Department. The police report said, “During the sale of alcohol Wendland failed to request proper identification and/or ask how old the decoy was.”

On April 24, Wendland was an employee of the Shell Food Mart 122 N. Bridge Ave., and allegedly sold tobacco to a undercover decoy. The police report said, “Wendland requested and reviewed the decoy’s proper identification. However, Wendland sold the product regardless.”

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According to police reports, the second person cited was David A. Reisewitz, an employee of Legends Bar, during the alcohol compliance check.

The report stated Reisewitz correctly identified the decoy as being under the age of 21. The establishment has an identification scanner to accurately recognize the customers age from their driver’s license or state identification.

However, Reisewitz reportedly seized the driver’s license used and cut it in half before the officer returned.

Under state law, a licensed retailer may seize a form of identification if the retailer or municipal liquor store has reasonable grounds to believe that the form of identification has been altered or falsified or is being used to violate any law. A retailer that seizes a form of identification as authorized must deliver it to a law enforcement agency within 24 hours of seizing it. The form of identification cannot be kept, posted, advertised or destroyed.

Reisewitz was cited for criminal damage to property.

Decoys used for alcohol compliance checks are 18-20 years old. Decoys are 16-17 years old for tobacco compliance checks.