8th-graders visit Riverland

Published 9:55 am Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Southwest Middle School eighth-grade students recently took a tour and visited programs of the Austin and Albert Lea Riverland campuses.

This full-day event started with an overview of college, including presentations in Austin and Albert Lea regarding what students can do now to prepare for their futures. At both campuses, a panel of Riverland student ambassadors talked openly about college, including the challenges they may have faced with advice and suggestions.

Students received tours of both campuses and then visited two program simulations, one on each campus. Program visits included health science simulation, cosmetology, radiography, computer technology, criminal justice, collision repair, industrial technology, diesel, construction electrician and solar panel, auto service technology, health unit coordinator, wind turbine and massage therapy.

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The chamber business education committee and Riverland are extremely interested in communicating with middle school-age students to have them begin exploring their career options, education pathways and community college connections to their future.

Students personally wrote thank you notes to the Albert Lea and Austin campuses as well as the tour guides and program coordinators.

Here are a few comments from students regarding the trip:

“Thank you Riverland for taking time out of your day to show us and educate us about your college. I really know now what I need to do in high school to be successful in college. It opened my eyes to different careers and some of them really interested me.”

“Riverland, thanks for an amazing day!”

“It changed my mind on how to think of college. I didn’t know there are so many hands-on stuff at college.”

“I am definitely considering going to Riverland for college!”