Attendance policy is working well

Published 8:41 am Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I feel strongly in favor of the attendance policy at Albert Lea High School. It’s a great way to reward the kids who go to school every day and have good attendance.

Kids who have good attendance don’t have to take the finals for their classes. Their grade is 50 percent first semester and 50 percent second semester versus 40 percent first semester, 40 percent second semester, and 20 percent of the finals. Kids who have good attendance typically have better grades so they are also rewarded with that.

The overall attendance at Albert Lea High School has been much better since this attendance policy was put into place.

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This is a great policy to have and it should stay in effect. It rewards good students for their hard work.

Kelsey Loverink

Albert Lea High School

English class