Cartoon bashed new Arizona law

Published 9:15 am Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Albert Lea Tribune cartoon of May 4 seems to impugn the professional status of Arizona police. Arizona law and police protect and serve all!

The new Arizona law may actually save persons from abuse! Arizona police stop a speeding van. The driver claims he is driving a church group in his overcrowded van. Police wonder why none speak English, with no papers and mixed stories he detains them. (INS/ICE does not take them.) When detained, the story comes out.

Coyotes convinced them a good job and great life await them when they were smuggled into the United States. Once in the U.S., the coyotes took their valuables and told them the van would take them to L.A. and the girls would turn tricks and the men deal drugs. They would be beaten if they did not meet their daily quota.

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The detainees were happy Arizona police detained them and wanted them to get back to their families. If only President Obama would fully cooperate with Arizona police to prevent abuse. If only efforts in every state were getting full national support to get all illegals back to where they had legal origin. A better U.S. with less pollution, congestion, crime and government spending would be a boom for all persons legally in the U.S.!

Tom Schleck

Albert Lea