Editorial: ACT, Legion signs different

Published 10:10 am Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Some point to the Albert Lea City Council’s approval of Albert Lea Community Theatre having a sign downtown touting their upcoming performances and say the council is unfair to the Albert Lea American Legion.

To them we say: Apples. Oranges.

The American Legion months ago requested an electronic sign attached to the building with automatically moving and flashing letters.

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The Albert Lea Community Theatre sign is that big, yellow spider-leg sign that people see around town. The letters only are moved by hand, so the message stays the same for days, rather than for seconds. The sign is standing in the North Broadway Avenue parking lot near the Marion Ross Performing Arts Center, not attached to the building.

The people who are critical of the council for approving one sign and not the other need to:

A. Go back and read why the council disallowed the Legion’s sign.

B. Visit downtown and take a look at ACT’s sign.

This is really a non-issue.