Editorial: Need friends? Groups need you

Published 11:10 am Friday, May 28, 2010

New to town?

Some new people have no problem integrating with the community — you know, finding friends, getting involved — but some others claim they have a harder time. They say people already have their established circles of friends; therefore, it’s hard to make new ones.

The great thing about a city the size of Albert Lea is there are organizations that welcome members all around. In bigger cities, organizations already have much of the active roles filled. In smaller cities, the organization might not even exist or perhaps barely exist.

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In cities the size of Albert Lea, you can be involved with a good group of people and have enough hands to get things done.

Want to audition for a role in a production of the community theater? There’s a good chance of getting the part. Maybe even the lead.

People can make friends by joining a golf course, a ski club, a business organization, high school athletic boosters, service clubs, fraternal organizations, a gardening club, a walking moai or any of a number of groups doing a bevy of activities. And any organization in Albert Lea eagerly seeks new members.

And eventually some of those members could become your friends, too.

So anyone who says they have a hard time making friends in their new city really hasn’t made an effort to meet folks. Albert Leans are wonderful people who, like many Midwesterners, enjoy meeting new people.

So get involved. Join something.