Harig announces he will seek re-election as sheriff

Published 11:50 am Monday, May 10, 2010

Freeborn County Sheriff Mark Harig announced Monday he will seek a third term as sheriff this fall.

He is currently completing his second term as the county’s 23rd sheriff.

Harig said some of his highlights as sheriff have included the opening of a new jail, garnering a federal contract Immigration and Customs Enforcement and the implementation of the Allied Radio Matrix for Emergency Response, also known as ARMER.

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“Our new radio system will provide talk groups allowing all responders to conduct law enforcement initiatives while fire and responders talk with their members at the same time,” he said. “The new radio system was infallible during the I-35 bridge collapse and would have streamlined communications recently during a precautionary evacuation in Albert Lea. It should allow officers

to talk and organize command decisions without overwhelming dispatch when 911 calls are coming in.”

The new ARMER radio system has been in the planning stages for several years. “It is satisfying to see all of this planning and hard work come into being,” he said.

The federal ICE contract has created 17 new jobs during an economic downfall and has given the county the opportunity to earn revenue to offset the costs of building and operating the jail more efficiently, he said.

Most recently, he is seeking grants to implement in-car camera systems in the county squad cars. This is part of a state initiative to keep officers safe.

“I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Freeborn County Commissioners and for the citizens of Freeborn County,” Harig said. “I look forward to continuing as your Sheriff to upgrade emergency management planning and training within the Sheriff’s Office to keep Freeborn County safe.”