Litter on county roads looks bad

Published 3:20 pm Saturday, May 8, 2010

I am writing to provide awareness of littering in our area. This is a problem to me as one day I noticed lots of garbage in the ditch on County Road 81 near Glenville. Sure, to some, it is just some country road, but to me, it is how I get to and from home every day.

To save money on having garbage hauled away people just go out into the country and dump their garbage in some ditch. First of all it is inconsiderate and second it makes our country look dirty and makes the people in the county seem lazy.

There are many options to stop this problem and one I believe in is if someone is caught to have them clean up their mess as well as a fine. Another option is to have some way people could pay less for having garbage hauled away.

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Christian Andersen

Albert Lea High School

English class

Albert Lea