Monorail to Cities would be good

Published 8:45 am Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I would like to bring up the importance of Albert Lea being turned essentially into a retirement community. I have heard a lot of good ideas that would be a great addition to the community. I have heard from friends it would be a great idea to build a nice mall where Farmland used to be. Or another rumor of a monorail that would have connected Albert Lea to the Twin Cities, but I heard that it wasn’t passed. I enjoy living in this town of Albert Lea I grew up here, but I am slowly getting tired of this town, little by little this town went from good fun place for teens to a dull, boring, retirement community. I feel I have some good ideas for this town to get some better business and to help boost the economy of this town.

We could let bigger city businesses set up stores in our mall or just build another mall. We could try and get more business down here from the cities by trying to pass that request for a monorail from Albert Lea to the Twin Cities. It would help bring business from there to here and would help a lot with the people who don’t want to waste gas, but still want to go to the cities if Albert Lea charged a moderate tax on tickets for the monorail ride up there. The city would probably make a lot of money back from the construction of the monorail.

So as I said before, the need for more entertaining aspects in this community for kids and teens of all ages is becoming a growing problem, and needs to be dealt with before this community itself goes into recession.

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Dustin Samudio

Albert Lea High School

English class

Albert Lea