Nature poem wins contest

Published 9:20 am Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A fifth-grader from Mary Jo Dorman’s class at Hawthorne Elementary School won a poetry contest sponsored by Poet biorefining in Glenville.

Anna Boettcher submitted a poem that was chosen as the winner. The poems had to be about nature in honor of Arbor Day. The contest was open to all fifth-graders in Freeborn County. Anna’s poem “Earth”:

Earth is what we live on.

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It’s full of life and love.

Flowers, plants, trees, grass,

and clouds all up above.

If you listen very closely,

you can hear the nature’s sounds.

Birds, bees, bugs, leaves.

Nature’s all around.

The Glenville plant received more than 100 poems. Anna read her poem to the class after she was presented with a certificate and a prize.