Thanks to all who made drive a success

Published 2:30 pm Saturday, May 8, 2010

I would just like to thank all of those who turned out for the May 4 blood drive and bone marrow registry. It was amazing how everyone came to give blood and registered with Be the Match national registry. If you were walking by, it looked like a MASH tent with everyone on the beds already donating and people filling the chairs filling out paperwork waiting to donate.

I believe that had a large part to do with the media who supported Maddi with this endeavor. Power 96: Jay interviewed Maddi on the air while she was at school; KATE Radio: Renee came, donated and did a live spot with Darrel at the drive; and of course the Tribune’s Kelli Lageson, who also gave blood for her first time, interviewed Maddi. Placing it on the front page side-by-side the day before drive with Laura Knutson’s story, which sparked the Be the Match tie in, with her blood drive was perfect. I even saw Scott Schmeltzer there giving blood. This is the kind of media attention that truly makes a difference. Great gob!

I would like to also thank the students who came to run the canteen, be greeters and lend their support. Many students came and donated blood. The high school has some three- and four-time donors. Who would have thought that?

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Then there was Shopko with cases and cases of water and Hy-Vee with cake and Northbridge Mall offered the perfect spot to hold this event.

I’m sure there is someone who I have forgotten, but really, thanks to all who participated in making this a very successful event whether it be by donating or supporting it in any other way that you may have.

Sindy Dickey

Albert Lea