You don’t know how hard the job is

Published 3:10 pm Saturday, May 8, 2010

This last weekend my wife and I went to Door County and Appelton, Wis. Sunday I was reading the Appelton newspaper, and I noticed a letter to the editor written by Mark Dianon, and it is so true. We have a disloyal bunch of people who do not want to work together, naming Republican and Democrats. If the previous administration would have taken the bull by the horns instead of doing nothing, the mess that was left for Obama wouldn’t be so expensive. I for one am not a Republican or Democrat, but I am independent. These are good ones in both or should I say three parties, and I think we should support whoever is in office. I have Mark’s permission to have it printed in the Tribune, and it goes like this:

Be respectful: Regarding it’s your call and letters, it’s clear not all people understand how difficult the job of president is, especially after the previous eight years of presidential detachment. Regardless of party, the chief executive of the United States is respectfully referred to as president, not czar, chief or any other derogatory title. Consensus is seldom achieved by name calling. Like it or not, we the people represent our government, and it was fairly elected. No hanging chads this time. We have the right to disagree, but the reponsibility to communicate in a civil and respectful manner. Otherwise it reflects on our upbringing and intelligence.

Mark Diamon

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I hope this hits home of all the ones that are so negative about our president.

Les Anderson

Albert Lea