Cummins scores a grand at Guttormson Memorial Friday

Published 8:46 am Tuesday, June 8, 2010

This week the Chateau Raceway hosted the 13th Annual Mike Guttormson Memorial Race. It is held every year honoring Guttormson, who suffered a fatal heart attack shortly after winning the modified feature at Lansing on May 31, 1997.

Guttormson was a three-time track champion at Chateau with 43-career wins at the track he called “heaven”. He also was the 1991 Wissota 100 Modified Champion. Guttormson was one of the greatest characters a person could ever meet and is still sorely missed in this area.

There was a cool thousand bucks awaiting the French’s Repair & Fabricating USRA Modified feature winner Friday. The fifteen-car starting field first did a parade lap in the “missing-man” formation with the pole position left open in honor of Mike Guttormson.

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Then it was down to business for the 25-lap affair with Josh Mattick jumping off of round one to lead early on. The race got off to a sluggish start with a few cautions slowing things down.

Mattick would continue to lead the show as Jacob Dahle and Doug Hillson raced for second. Jason Cummins was moving through traffic from row four and was up to fourth. Another yellow for a three-car pileup again closed the pack together.

Cummins really got his car motivating on the restart as he quickly dashed to third on lap five. Then Cummins challenged Dahle for second one lap later. Cummins used the low groove vaulting to second and was right on Mattick for the lead.

Cummins then drifted to the top side of the track and scooted past Mattick for the lead on lap seven. Todd Scharkey was quietly working his way through traffic and was racign Steve Wetzstein for fourth when Dave Wytaske Jr. stalled in turn three bringing out the yellow flag.

Cummins took off from the restart, but it was Scharkey’s turn to make big moves. Scharkey took fourth and then got by Mattick for third on lap twelve. Scharkey then went after Dahle and grabbed second on lap fourteen.

By that time however, Cummins was long gone until a caution with two laps to go put Scharkey on Cummins’ rear bumper. It took three tries to get the races going much to the chagrin of Scharkey who on the first two starts got up alongside Cummins.

On the final restart, Cummins got a really good restart and led the rest of the way to claim his first Guttormson Memorial title. Scharkey’s incredible showing at this race continued with his ninth top five finish. Dahle finished third, Mattick was fourth and Wetzstein rounded out the top five.

Brandon Davis decided to forego his high school graduation ceremony in order to race and keep his point lead. It paid off as Davis continued his dominance of the Farm Boy BBQ Wissota Midwest Modifieds.

Beau Lammers led the race early on as the field sorted itself out. A big eight car pile-up in turn one knocked a few cars out and shuffled up the top five. Davis found himself in third after the melee behind Lammers and Cody Gardner.

Davis bolted to the high side on the restart and blasted to the point on lap five. From there Davis dominated for third win of the season. Rookie Cody Gardner continues to run well finishing second with Jason Born third. Lammers ended up fourth and Mike Paulson rounded out the top five.

Ryan Goergen has had terrible luck so far in 2010 in the RS Auto Rebuilders Wissota Street Stocks. If something could go wrong it has, but tonight everything came together. Even a last lap crash turned out well. Goergen took off from the pole as the rest of the field gave chase.

Point leader, A.J. Zvorak was eliminated on lap three as broke the right front on his car. Goergen was challenged in the early stages of the race by Tyler Peterson. Peterson kept things tight with Jesse Stahl entering the picture.

Stahl snuck past Peterson for second and then was right on Goergen for the lead as the race drew towards a close. On the final lap, Stahl charged to the inside of Goergen in turn three. Stahl made contact and both cars spun to a stop in the infield.

The race ended on a yellow-checkered finish and Stahl was placed to the tail. Goergen position was restored and was declared the winner. It was also a clean sweep for Goergen as he had won his heat race earlier in the evening. Peterson was the runner-up with Dan Holland in third. Bobby Kilby and Matt Eustice rounded out the top five.

Chris Adams picked up another feature win in the Power96/KQAQ 970-AM IMCA Stock Cars. Adams quickly vaulted to the lead from row two and was in control the entire 20-lap race.

There was good racing behind him though as several drivers swapped positions In the top five. Adams would win his third feature of the season with Phil Holtz winding up in second after a very spirited battle. Brent Reierson was third with Rick Mees and Merlyn Hegland in the top five.

Randy Rauen used the pole position to take the lead in the Misgen Auto Parts Pure Stock feature. A big melee ensued on lap two as they tried to go four wide coming out of turn four. Sammie Fromm got turned sideways and she collected James Connors as the wildly spun down the frontstrtetch.

Jason Newkirk would take the lead just before the half-way point and run away for his second win in a row. Rauen was second with Stacy Krohnberg third, Dylan Nelson fourth and Adam Godeke fifth.

In the S&S Auto Salvage & Repair Hornet racing, Casey Trom took her second win in the Junior Hornets. Terry Blowers won his third of the season in the hornet class. The Northern Vintage Stock Cars were also on hand this week. Dave Mofffitt won the Full Body class and Dennis Olson won the Super Modified class.

Chateau Raceway

Hornets 6/4/2010

Feature:1. Terry Blowers (Waseca, MN), 2. Tony Alstat (Leroy, MN), 3. Jace Gasner (Kasson, MN), 4. Jamie Tapp (Austin, MN),

Heat:1. Terry Blowers (Waseca, MN), 2. Jace Gasner (Kasson, MN), 3. Tony Alstat (Leroy, MN), 4. Jamie Tapp (Austin, MN),

IMCA Stock Car 6/4/2010

Feature:1. Chris Adams (Stacyville, IA), 2. Philip Holtz (Manchestril, IA), 3. Brent Reierson (Arlington, MN), 4. Richard Mees (Eagle Lake, MN), 5. Merlyn Hegland (Rudd, IA), 6. David Moriarty (Jordan, MN), 7. Matt Speckman (Sleepy Eye, MN), 8. Jesse Anderson (Winthrop, MN), 9. Rod Wehr (Wells, MN), 10. Dan Mackenthun (Hamburg, MN),

Heat 1:1. Merlyn Hegland (Rudd, IA), 2. Richard Mees (Eagle Lake, MN), 3. Chris Adams (Stacyville, IA), 4. Philip Holtz (Manchester, IA), 5. Matt Speckman (Sleepy Eye, MN), 6. Brent Reierson (Arlington, MN),

Heat 2:1. Dan Mackenthun (Hamburg, MN), 2. Jesse Anderson (Winthrop, MN), 3. David Moriarty (Jordan, MN), 4. Rod Wehr (Wells, MN),

Jr Hornets 6/4/2010

Feature:1. Casey Trom (Zumbrota, MN), 2. Cole Lonergan (Dexter, MN), 3. Jake Bigelow (Hayfield, MN), 4. Noah Grinstead (Austin, MN), 5. Brody Shaw (Brownsdale, MN), 6. Charlie Steinberg (Kasson, MN), 7. Nia Gardner (Stewartville, MN),

Heat:1. Cole Lonergan (Dexter, MN), 2. Casey Trom (Zumbrota, MN), 3. Jake Bigelow (Hayfield, MN), 4. Noah Grinstead (Austin, MN), 5. Brody Shaw (Brownsdale, MN), 6. Charlie Steinberg (Kasson, MN), 7. Nia Gardner (Stewartville, MN),

Midwest Mods 6/4/2010

Feature:1. Brandon Davis (Medford, MN), 2. Cody Gardner (Sterwartville, MN), 3. Jason Born (Medford, MN), 4. Beau Lammers (Owatonna, MN), 5. Mike Paulson (Rochester, MN), 6. Johnny Magnum (Lakeville, MN), 7. Greg Pfeifer Jr. (Austin, MN), 8. Travis Wytaske (Rose Creek, MN), 9. Taylor Ovrebo (Wells, MN), 10. Daryl Hainka (Wanamingo, MN), 11. Gary Wilde (Austin, MN), 12. Nathan Sande/Finley (Austin, MN), 13. Bill Stettner (Inver Grove Hts, MN), 14. Billy Steinberg (Kasson, MN), 15. Jeff Kiffmeyer (Kenyon, MN),

Heat 1:1. Beau Lammers (Owatonna, MN), 2. Brandon Davis (Medford, MN), 3. Jason Born (Medford, MN), 4. Mike Paulson (Rochester, MN), 5. Billy Steinberg (Kasson, MN), 6. Bill Stettner (Inver Grove Hts, MN), 7. Jeff Kiffmeyer (Kenyon, MN), 8. Nathan Sande/Finley (Austin, MN),

Heat 2:1. Greg Pfeifer Jr. (Austin, MN), 2. Johnny Magnum (Lakeville, MN), 3. Cody Gardner (Sterwartville, MN), 4. Travis Wytaske (Rose Creek, MN), 5. Taylor Ovrebo (Wells, MN), 6. Gary Wilde (Austin, MN), 7. Daryl Hainka (Wanamingo, MN),

Pure Stock 6/4/2010

Feature:1. Jason Newkirk (Austin, MN), 2. Randy Rauen (Austin, MN), 3. Stacy Krohnberg (Walters, MN), 4. Dylan Nelson (Freeborn, MN), 5. Adam Godeke (Hollandale, MN), 6. Dustin Sletten (Owatonna, MN), 7. Brady Krohnberg (Walters , MN), 8. Wayne Bellrichard (Albert Lea, MN), 9. Jim Briggs (Waseca, MN), 10. Sammie Fromm (Owatonna, MN), 11. Matt Miller (Austin, MN), 12. David Klocek (New Richland, ), 13. Katie Elward (Hayfield, MN), 14. Matt Brooks (Austin, MN), 15. Keith Weber (Austin, MN), 16. James Connors (Waseca, MN),

Heat 1:1. Sammie Fromm (Owatonna, MN), 2. Randy Rauen (Austin, MN), 3. Wayne Bellrichard (Albert Lea, MN), 4. Stacy Krohnberg (Walters, MN), 5. Dustin Sletten (Owatonna, MN), 6. Adam Godeke (Hollandale, MN), 7. Matt Miller (Austin, MN), 8. Matt Brooks (Austin, MN),

Heat 2:1. Jason Newkirk (Austin, MN), 2. Dylan Nelson (Freeborn, MN), 3. Brady Krohnberg (Walters , MN), 4. James Connors (Waseca, MN), 5. Jim Briggs (Waseca, MN), 6. David Klocek (New Richland), 7. Katie Elward (Hayfield, MN), 8. Keith Weber (Austin, MN),

Street Stock 6/4/2010

Feature:1. Ryan Goergen (Stacyville, IA), 2. Tyler Peterson (Hollandale, MN), 3. Dan Holland (Brownsdale, MN), 4. Bobby Kilby (Austin, MN), 5. Matt Eustice (Hartland, MN), 6. Mike Blowers (Waseca, MN), 7. Jason Barber (New Richland, MN), 8. Brent Holland (Glenville, MN), 9. Jesse Stahl (Austin, MN), 10. AJ Zvorak (Blooming Prairie, MN),

Heat 1:1. Ryan Goergen (Stacyville, IA), 2. Tyler Peterson (Hollandale, MN), 3. Matt Eustice (Hartland, MN), 4. Brent Holland (Glenville, MN), 5. A.J. Zvorak (Blooming Prairie, MN),

Heat 2:1. Dan Holland (Brownsdale, MN), 2. Jason Barber (New Richland, MN), 3. Bobby Kilby (Austin, MN), 4. Jesse Stahl (Austin, MN), 5. Mike Blowers (Waseca, MN),

USRA Modified 6/4/2010

Feature:1. Jason Cummins (New Richland, MN), 2. Todd Scharkey (Kasson, MN), 3. Jacob Dahle (Morristown, MN), 4. Josh Mattick (Austin, MN), 5. Steve Wetzstien (West Concord, MN), 6. Andrew Wiste (Adams, MN), 7. Doug Hillson (Blooming Prairie, MN), 8. Greg Jensen (Albert Lea, MN), 9. Wallace Bustad (Austin, MN), 10. Ben Mattick (Hayfield, MN), 11. Dustin Steinbrink (Austin, MN), 12. Jeremy Misgen (Ellendale, MN), 13. Greg Mattick (Hayfield, MN), 14. Dave Wytaske, Jr. (Mapleview, MN), 15. Brian Shaw (Brownsdale, MN),

Heat 1:1. Todd Scharkey (Kasson, MN), 2. Steve Wetzstien (West Concord, MN), 3. Jason Cummins (New Richland, MN), 4. Brian Shaw (Brownsdale, MN), 5. Dustin Steinbrink (Austin, MN), 6. Ben Mattick (Hayfield, MN), 7. Jeremy Misgen (Ellendale, MN), 8. Dave Wytaske, Jr. (, MN),

Heat 2:1. Josh Mattick (Austin, MN), 2. Andrew Wiste (Adams, MN), 3. Jacob Dahle (Morristown, MN), 4. Greg Jensen (Albert Lea, MN), 5. Doug Hillson (Blooming Prairie, MN), 6. Wallace Bustad (Austin, MN), 7. Greg Mattick (Hayfield, MN),