DFL incumbents have accomplished a lot

Published 12:20 pm Saturday, June 12, 2010

With all the rhetoric going on, I am writing a rebuttal in favor of our candidates, Dan Sparks, Robin Brown and Tim Walz.

Many people should be reminded of some of the very good things that have occurred since they have been in office.

1. The cleanup of the Edgewater Park, which cost millions of dollars and was ignored for many, many years.

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2. Getting the businesses removed from the floodplain on Main Street and located in new areas.

3. Getting money and grants approved to enlarge and improve Albert Lea’s airport.

4. Helping to get the health care reform bill passed, which will help senior citizens when they reach the doughnut hole, people with children in college till their 27th birthday, and people with pre-existing conditions.

A few other things: When Hillary Clinton was trying to get a health care bill passed, it was the Republicans who mandated that everyone should get health care, a complete flip-flop on their part and also putting 274 amendments in the new health care bill, and they wonder why it’s so huge.

Mr. Pawlenty cut school funding, kicked the sickest people off medical assistance, and ignored our crumbling transportation infrastructure. Now Minnesota ranks among the bottom half of all states on 12 of 13 performance measures. Mr. Pawlenty does not raise taxes, but shifts the burden to the cities, counties and townships that have to raise the real estate taxes, so he can say he did not raise any new taxes.

He also raised the fees on every license or paper you would need to be recorded at the courthouse.

Too bad Mr. Pawlenty didn’t ask Mr. Al Arends about some of the problems, so he could get the right answers.

Arthur A. Anderson


Freeborn County DFL Party

Albert Lea