Ron Woodside recovering from surgery

Published 10:50 am Thursday, June 24, 2010

The husband of Tribune employee Katherine A. Woodside — who died June 17 from injuries she sustained after a tornado ripped through the couple’s home one mile northwest of Armstrong — remains in serious condition in the Intensive Care Unit at St. Marys Hospital, a family member told the Tribune Wednesday afternoon.

Ron Woodside spent most of the day Tuesday in surgery to repair broken ribs.

The man’s son, who did not want to be identified by name, said his father broke all of his ribs on his left side and nine on his right side.

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The surgery Tuesday secured the ribs with titanium plates and screws.

According to a Caring Bridge website set up on behalf of Ron Woodside, doctors found that his ribs were broken inward and penetrating his lung each time he took a breath.

He will be weaned off a respirator in a few days.

The site states Ron Woodside has thus far only been able to communicate by nodding, and the family looks forward to when he will be able to speak again.

He broke both shoulder blades, his cheek bone and tailbone. He also has a dislocated elbow, but did not break his arms or legs as earlier thought.

“He’s doing as well as to be expected,” the son stated.

Most of the debris out at the site of the couple’s damaged home is expected to be cleaned up Friday and Saturday. Much work has already been done.

Friends, family and other people will gather Saturday to rake up small pieces of debris.

Ron Woodside’s son said he has been amazed by the people who have come by and offered to help.

“Albert Lea and Freeborn County are just tremendous,” he said.

If people want to follow Ron Woodside’s progress, they can go to The website requires a signed log in.

The couple’s son said funeral arrangements are pending for Katherine Woodside upon Ron Woodside’s recovery.

The son said one of his father and step-mother’s tax returns was found nine miles south of Owatonna.

Part of one of his boats was found two miles north near the Eggum residence.