Salvation Army encounters $15,000 shortfall

Published 10:40 am Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Albert Lea Salvation Army is asking for help from the community because of an unexpected $15,000 shortfall in annual donations.

The Salvation Army received $15,000 less than they asked for from a funding source who has donated reliably.

“We never saw this coming,” said Capt. Jim Brickson. “It’s such a significant blow to the already stressed programs we have here.”

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He is considering some fundraisers and examining other options. He said he would like to avoid cuts, but if the funding doesn’t come that they will have to cut programs.

“If there have to be cutbacks that’s what we’ll have to do,” Brickson said.

Albert Lea Salvation Army has been experiencing a 78 percent increase in need for their services, and this makes the need to balance their budget even more serious.

“Each Army embeds themselves in the community and finds the best needs,” Brickson.

Brickson said typically Albert Lea’s Salvation Army has had many people attend their meal sites, and he has been wanting to expand the offerings for people needing meals.

“The increase in need is astounding,” Brickson said. “The Army is dedicated to identifying needs and meeting them to the best of our ability as resources allow.”

The current situation at the Army could be much worse, but their Christmas fundraising campaign was the most successful they’ve had.

“The 2009 Christmas campaign was an enormous blessing that helped us meet the community’s increased need for our services,” Brickson said. “It is hard to ask for more because the community has already been so generous, but for the sake of those in crisis, we ask that people dig just a little deeper into their pockets so that we can answer the need.”

The Albert Lea Salvation Army accepts donations at their office at 302 Court St. in Albert Lea or online at

“We want to keep a balanced budget and keep these programs going,” Brickson said.