State needs to deal with rising deficit

Published 12:30 pm Saturday, June 12, 2010

My name is Kathy Green, and I’m running for state Senate because we need a proven leader to solve the crisis facing our state.

Minnesota’s budget deficit has been rising exponentially, from $1.2 billion last year, to $3 billion this year, to a projected $6 billion next year. This puts local communities, schools and citizens at risk.

Our current leaders have been either unwilling or unable to tackle these issues. By continually passing the deficit to the next session, they have compounded the stress on our system rather than addressing the basis of the financial instability.

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We need leaders who will work together to solve our state’s critical problems. We need leaders who will advocate for their region rather than being attentive to well-financed special interests. I am one of those leaders.

I am the candidate with a proven record of working across lines to solve critical issues. With over 29 years in Austin as a dedicated public servant, from the Austin school board to statewide organizations, I have consistently worked with diverse groups of people to improve our community and state. I will be a strong voice for our region and the bright future of our state.

Kathy Green


Senate District 27