Billboards save lives of unborn babies

Published 9:24 am Monday, July 5, 2010

If you have driven by Albert Lea High School recently, you can’t help but notice a rather large sign posted in a field across the street which reads, ”Adoption not Abortion.” The first time I saw it I thought, wow, that was a bold thing for the landowner to post right where hundreds of people a day, including students, would see it. Some might see this as being “provocative” but to those who truly love and cherish life, a simple sign like that could be a lifesaver. For those not convinced, please read on.

There is the story of a  teenage girl from Duluth whose baby is alive today because of a message she read on a billboard which said, “A baby is a baby is a baby — rescue me!” After reading this, she pulled off the road and cried. She called the hot line number on the billboard and received the help she needed to give her baby life. Many babies are alive today because of the life affirming messages of these billboards sponsored by the organization called Prolife Across America.

Prolife Across America, founded in 1989 with only 42 total billboards in Minnesota, has now grown to more than 6,500 billboards in 37 states! Director and founder Mary Ann Kuharski comments, “We are a totally educational nonprofit and nonpolitical organization committed to bringing positive, persuasive messages offering information and alternatives to abortion including adoption and post abortion assistance to those in need.”

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As donors to this wonderful organization, we receive their monthly newsletter, which almost always has a story like the one I described above. Many babies lives are saved because young women see one of these billboards and call the toll-free hot line for help. What could be “provocative” about that? If you would like to help save lives through this media educational effort, please call: 800-366-7773 or see them on the web at

Scott Bute