Hayward enjoys getting stuck in mud

Published 9:55 am Monday, July 12, 2010

There is a good chance that when you were younger, your parents would tell you to not play in the mud.

Don’t tell that to the racers that raced in the sixth annual Hayward Fire Department Relief Association mud bog that was held Saturday in Hayward.

The mud bog was organized by Nate Eggum, who started the event six years ago.

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“I think it was Emmons, they had their first mud bog down there,” Eggum said. “I thought it was pretty cool so we decided to do it and its been going on since then.”

During the few first years, all terrain vehicles were the only thing raced at the mud bog.

Although, through the years, the event has grown from just ATVs to trucks and even some occasional snowmobiles.

“People started asking questions after the first year,” Eggum said about adding trucks and other things to the event. “They wondered if they could do trucks and stuff like that and I said we’ll try it next year. So thats the way it went.”

One of the people who competes at the mud bog in the truck division is Chad Schaper.

Schaper, who has raced at the event for four years, says the event is all about having a good time.

“I think personally it’s not about winning anymore,” Schaper said. “It’s all about having a good time, being with friends, grilling out and things like that.”

Schaper says the mud bog in Hayward isn’t just a event, it’s a tradition.

“This has become a festivity,” Schaper said. “When you come around Hayward, you got to have it and I hope it never stops.”

While the mud bog is a great way for entertainment, another great thing from the event is that the money raised goes toward the Hayward Fire Department Relief Association.

The Hayward Fire Department Relief Association is a way to help the firefighters when they retire.

“This is a fundraiser for our Fire Department Relief Association,” Eggum said. “That way we will have money to take care of ourselves for when we retire.”