Making your weight loss efforts a permanent change

Published 2:24 pm Wednesday, July 28, 2010

After taking a couple steps back in recent weeks on my journey to lose weight and get healthy, I took a major step forward on Saturday.

As I drove up to the Weight Watchers building on South Broadway Avenue in Albert Lea, I’ll admit I was nervous.

I had been thinking long and hard about this decision for a few weeks straight, but something always came in the way of me getting there — or at least that’s what I told myself.

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I’ve dealt with being overweight for several years, and I haven’t had any major long-term success.

Through all my ins and outs, or should we say ups and downs, I haven’t been able to make permanent lifestyle changes. I know that this factor in itself is what contributes to success.

And that’s why I decided to go to Weight Watchers.

I know numerous people who have had great lifestyle changes through Weight Watchers and who have been successful at keeping off the weight in the long term, too. Those people are my inspiration.

On a more personal note, my sister started Weight Watchers in January and she has already lost a little more than 50 pounds in her seven-month journey.

I know everyone is different in their endeavors to lose weight, but I’ve been so proud to see her consistency.

I want to be like that.

I also like the accountability.

Here’s some of the changes I’ve already made:

On Saturday I began tracking every morsel of food that went into my mouth.

It was hard at first, but if nothing else, it has already taught me to be more aware of what goes into my body.

Because foods are tracked by points in Weight Watchers, it made me second guess whether I wanted to eat a small candy bar for more points or a large bunch of grapes for less.

I’ve also started identifying smarter, more filling foods that will be more satisfying than the alternative.

Of course I’ve also tried out some great recipes provided in some of the materials handed out.

My favorite thus far was a dish with chicken and broccoli in a garlic sauce over brown rice.

It was easy to make and incorporated some of my favorite foods.

I’ll definitely be making that one again!

But most of all, I have reaffirmed my abilities to succeed. That’s what I love about Weight Watchers most. It empowers people and gives them confidence to continue.

I have re-determined that I can do this!

I’d like to keep everyone posted again on a weekly basis at the Tribune’s website under the “blogs” category.

I am also recommitted to having this column run every two weeks on the Tribune’s food page.

As always, if anyone has any suggestions or recipes to share, please e-mail me at

And remember, we “Eat to live,” not “Live to eat.”

Sarah Stultz is a reporter at the Albert Lea Tribune. It is her goal in 2010 to get back on track with a healthy fitness and eating plan to ultimately lose weight. Her column appears every other Wednesday on the “Food” page in the print edition and as a blog on