Need many skills to be a good sheriff

Published 2:02 pm Saturday, July 31, 2010

After listening to the Freeborn County sheriff candidate’s forum on the radio two weeks ago, I was left wondering, given the discontent in the ranks, how any initiative or goal could be advanced, and more importantly, how any advances had been made at all during the past several years. Also, the frequent statement “I intend to return honesty and integrity to the office of sheriff,” made me wonder what had been going on?

While each candidate has specific skills and strengths, I’d like to add that “being a good soldier and police officer,” does not necessarily translate into being a good administrator or leader. And, being adept at finances doesn’t necessarily translate into being a good leader or police officer.

The ideal candidate should have the skills it takes to be a good administrator, a good leader, a good police officer and to be able to maintain the kind of integrity and loyalty necessary and deserving of the office of sheriff.

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Yuri Justin

Albert Lea