Splish, splash at the pool

Published 10:50 am Friday, July 9, 2010

Public swimming hours

Monday through Friday, 1 to 6 p.m.

Saturday and Sunday, 1 to 7 p.m.

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Daily admission fees

Children 2 and under: $1.25 each

3- to 17-year-olds: $3.25 each

18 years and older: $3.50 each

The Albert Lea City Pool offers one of the great highlights of summer. On a hot, sunny day managers Jasmine Brouwers and Chris Allison can see anywhere from 300 to 400 people. Brouwers and Allison agree what draws so many people to the pool is its appeal to all ages. The facility is large enough to have the main pool complete with diving boards and a smaller pool outfitted with the most notable attraction, the 226-foot waterslide.

“The kids are why we stay open,” Brouwers said.

Children are the overwhelming patrons of the city pool, and Brouwers said catering to their needs and mediating any situation which might arise is especially important. The pool offers other activities for children over the summer, the most popular being the swimming lessons which are taught by the lifeguards.

“The lifeguards are super fun and make the swimming lessons great,” Brouwers said.

The pool also offers and stages activities like the Doggy Dip, water aerobics and Splash With Me, a program for children and babies too young to swim. Allison said he sees people come and do a little bit of everything at the pool. People bring their families and friends to swim, dive, slide, splash, tan and enjoy the concessions which the pool now offers. Bouwers said with the new Two Dollar Tuesdays deal, when admission is $2 for everyone, $1 for those under 3 years old, she has been seeing even more people.

“It’s just a great way to come out and beat the heat,” Allison said.

The city pool features great equipment and attractions, including fountains and bubbles for the smaller pool.

All of the equipment is maintained by the city. The pool is constantly being cleaned by both the managers and the lifeguards whose responsibility it is to clean the filters, pool floor, locker rooms and bath house.

“I think what we really have to offer is safety,” Brouwers said.

Eight lifeguards are on the pool deck at all times, and all the children are monitored closely. The lifeguards must complete a training course, first aid and CPR training to be certified.

The perimeter of the pool is also completely fenced off.

Brouwers said she thinks the community places a value on the pool, because without it, the closest pool is in Austin.

“It wouldn’t be summer without the pool,” Allison said.